How did you come to join the team at Capo Beach Church?

While attending Dana Hills high school as a student I discovered CBC and knew right away that my Hevenly Papa had led me to this grace filled community to grow me in my friendship with Christ. Volunteering became an expression of my gratitude which led to the discovery of my giftings which led to an anointing by Gods Spirit to minister full time.

Describe your role at CBC in one sentence:

To encourage saints and seekers by the Spirit of Christ to discover their unique God given destiny.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the team here at CBC?

The atmosphere of grace

Regular or Decaf?


Favorite activities when you’re not at work:

Long distance running in remote areas

Surfing or Hiking?


Mac or PC?

Cult of Mac

Cat or Dog?


If you woke up tomorrow morning as a Disney character who would you be? Why?

Peter Pan

Describe yourself in one word: