Spiritual Leadership

Our Purpose as Leaders

Being called by the Lord Jesus, qualified by scripture and approved by our Pastors, we, as Spiritual Leaders, are first and foremost servants of the Lord. We are truth seekers whose character and actions play an important role in our purpose and mission, which is ‘Putting people in touch with God.’ We actively pursue The Holy Spirit for his direction, guidance and wisdom as we position ourselves in such a way to sense the pulse of The Lord’s heart and that of His people. We are committed to serve, love, pray for and encourage anyone with the purpose of leading them closer to the heart and knowledge of God through Christ Jesus.

Craig and Jeanne Whittaker

Matt and Mina Whitlock

Mark Edmondson

Stuart and Mariela Spencer

Chris Dyer

Dan and Karen Russell

Jeff Golden

Jeff Stowe

Kent Mastain

Larry and Sue Leisenring

Marc Seal

Randy Noe

Rod and Mariah Mayer

Steve and Sue Carter

Tom and Theresa Clark

Sam Marchant

Max Johnson

Colleen Minahan

Beth Keany