About Prayers & Squares

Prayers & Squares Prayer Quilt Ministry exists to serve those who are suffering from major illness or trauma.  We promote prayer through the use of quilts.  The quilts are tied, and each knot or tie represents a prayer that was said for the person in need.  Through the quilts, we remind the recipients, believer or non-believer, that God is there in the midst of their struggles, and that many people are praying for them.  We like to say, “It’s not about the quilt; it’s all about the prayers.”

This heart-warming ministry puts people in touch with God in many ways. For some, knowing that total strangers sewed a quilt for them, or that people who don’t know them and perhaps will never meet face-to-face this side of heaven are praying for them, is touching and sometimes even overwhelming. The prayer quilt serves a practical purpose of providing warmth to a person who is cold in the face of chemotherapy, for example, but also serves for a higher purpose – as a daily reminder that God cares for them.  By serving Him in this way, we believe that we are helping to carry the burdens of the suffering, and in that way, we are fulfilling the law of Christ.

Know someone who would be blessed by receiving a prayer quilt from us?


Marianne Park