Craig Whittaker

Lead Pastor

Matt Whitlock

Lead Teaching Pastor

Associate Pastors

Sue Carter

Worship Pastor & Women's Ministry

Dan Russell

Care & Couples Ministries

Rod Mayer

Student Ministries Pastor

Creative & Experience

Mark Edmondson

Creative & Experience Director

Jill Kurlfink

Assistant to the Creative & Experience Director

Shawn Dashkowitz

Audio Engineer

Jake Hett

Lighting Designer

Gabriel Sanchez

Stage Manager

Riley Carter

Broadcast and Video Director

Susan Edmondson

Graphics and Lyrics Director

Chase Gross

Production Intern

Alicia Hose

Guest Experience Director

Grant Kelsay

Visual & Communications Director

Zach McKinnon

Video Content Producer

Kara Roeder

Connections Director

Elaine Grimes

Capo Café & Kitchen Manager

Jason Lopez

Capo Café Assist. Manager

Cydney Aguilar-Lopez

Capo Cafe

Carmen Goglanian

Capo Cafe & Children's Ministry

Pam King

Capo Kitchen Assist. Manager

Rosie Getz

Bookstore Manager

Juana Capuchino

Bookstore Associate

Youth and Children

Rod Mayer

Student Ministries Pastor

Sam Marchant

Middle School Ministry Director

Max Johnson

High School Ministry Director

Chelsea Perkins

High School Ministry Assistant

Samantha Brittain

Children's Ministry

Morgan Wolf

Children's Ministry

Drew Whittaker

Children's Ministry

Stormie Fraser

Children's Ministry Director

Carmen Goglanian

Capo Cafe & Children's Ministry

Ministry Support

Jennifer Chapman

Accounting Director & Lead Pastor Assistant

Lori Lindsay Smith

Payroll and HR Administrator

Kelli Erickson


Renae Matthes

Office Manager

Gloria McCune

Office Receptionist

Art Gutierrez

Computer/IT Administrator

Care & Support

Dan Russell

Care & Couples Ministry Pastor

Danielle Clay

Care Department Assistant

Facilites & Security

Daron Payne

Facilites & Security Director

Steve Lafferty

Facilites & Security Supervisor

Ray Rivera

Facilites & Security

Greg Duzich

Facilites & Security

John Flynn

Facilites & Security


Doriann Jones

CBC Preschool

Anya Paladin

Preschool TA