About the Art Ministry

The Art ministry here at Capo Beach Church was created over 30 years ago by local artists Dan Snipes. Ray Frieze! Over the past 30 years we have showcased over 40+ artists in our church hallway. We believe there is beauty in all of God's creation and love to find ways to show it off! By opening up the walls of our church, it has allowed countless artists to display to our local community the gifts and abilities God has blessed them with.

Meet The Artsist

Kamila Kowalke

As a young child of Communist Poland in the early 80's, Kamila had to find beauty and peace where it often did not exist. The challenges of being raised in that part of the world in a difficult and different generation began her search for the beauty in all things art. Now having lived in the United States for nearly 30 years, most of those in California where she achieved success as a business woman in a high-pressure career, she often found herself drifting back to a simpler life where the beauty, creativity and imagination were hidden in a society that shunned freedom and individualism. Today she is able to lose herself in her paintings and create a world as she sees it. One of joy and laughter and humility and appreciation that we are all a part of this amazing universe and all it has to offer.


Maurine Lacher

Maurine Lacher is a prominent artist whose inspirational paintings in oil, acrylic and watercolor have been purchased by collectors around the world. She paints, in her studio or on location, ocean, land, structures, florals, florals, sea life, birds and exotic animals. She is also known for teaching art, art demonstrations and art exhibitions. Although Maurine has drawn and painted most of her life, she pursued oil painting in her mid 20s, studying with professional artists, attending California Art Institute of Laguna Beach and Saddleback College. For 15 years, Maurine owned the successful “Dana Point Art Center Gallery” which was also a learning studio. She displayed and sold her art in galleries in Laguna Beach and other South Cal venues. Maurine is loving being a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother.


Tim Bush

Tim Bush was born and raised in the warm climate of Southern California, where he spent his youth skateboarding, fishing, playing baseball, and surfing. When his dad took a job with Boeing, his family moved to the cold and rainy, Pacific Northwest, and Tim suddenly found himself spending more and more time indoors. Instead of chasing after waves, he started drawing them. During this time, he began taking oil painting lessons from a family friend in his neighborhood. An eventual move back to Southern California in his teen years was instrumental in furthering his passions for surfing, as well as his art. Taking every high school art class he could, Tim discovered a real talent that he’d further develop at the Art Institutes. After graduating with a degree in visual communications, Tim embarked on a successful career in advertising as a graphic designer. He also traveled the world, searching for perfect uncrowded waves, and gathering memories which serve as inspiration for his art. Nowadays, Tim is busy being “dad”, working as a creative director, surfing, traveling, and painting as much as possible. He is a resident of San Clemente and attends Capo Beach Church with his wife Amy and family.


Anka Haczkiewicz

As Anka likes to put it: "I was born into the gray world of Communism in Poland and then reborn in the color world of Capitalism in the United States." It's an accurate description of the life and enthusiasm that Anka brings to any project or encounter you have with her. She is a modern-day Renaissance woman with Polish roots and an endearing accent. Always searching for new inspirations and ways to express herself, she's dabbled in fine arts, photography, interior design, installations… the list goes on. Her main goal as an artist is to tell magical stories through art that brings all her talents together. Like a true artist, she is always evolving and mastering her new craft while constantly pursuing new ways to create meaningful work. She exhibits in many cities in Poland as well as Chicago, New York and now in a town that she likes to call her new home, San Clemente. “My Sky Notes is a series of paintings that capture the sky from San Clemente beach ever since I moved to San Clemente from New York back in Feb of 2021. This has been my way to reconnect with myself and nature. In My Sky Notes, I set out to capture the beautiful symphony of emotions that the sky gives us each day. I want to note the feelings and the power that the sky has as an unlimited place in our atmosphere and outer space. I like to think of my work as an impressionist/expressionist. What is fascinating about painting a subject like the sky is the constant change. The sky can tell millions of stories and display a million feelings in minutes and even seconds. Capturing all the emotions with a brush is the most challenging, but when achieved, it’s the most satisfying. I am trying to bring the emotions of the sky to life. The paintings are quick notes - documents of what surrounds us daily - a reminder to lookup and connect with the world as time is passing. These notes are my ode to the ever-evaporating nature of humanity and life.”


Jim Harrell

Growing up in Indiana, my interest in photography began at the age of 11, when I received a Kodak Brownie camera from my Aunt. A neighbor friend and I spent the summer figuring out the basics of photographic film processing and making 4x5 contact prints. A couple years out of high school, I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. I completed my Basic Training and was sent to USAF Photography School in Colorado. Five months later I graduated and spent the next 4 1/2 years stationed in the U.S. and Middle East. As a photographer, my duties were varied from working on the base newspaper to documenting aircraft crashes and aerial helicopter assignments with Air Rescue. When my enlistment was completed, my wife and I remained in California. I got a job with the Orange County Sheriffs Dept. as a photographer, then a CSI Investigator. I retired from the O.C. Sheriffs Department after 30 years and became a high school teacher. I taught Digital Photography and Photoshop for 8 years, before retiring a second time. My interest in photography has never waned over these years and I still get a kick out of watching my work coming off the printer.


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