Discipleship Ministry

CBC Discipleship Ministry

Our purpose is to encourage the men and women of our church to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, to become better equipped in their understanding of God’s Word, and to share their faith with others. To this end, we offer adult Bible-based classes and individual Discipleship Partnering, as described below.

If you would like to know more about the Discipleship Ministry, any of our courses, or Discipleship Partners, please feel free to email us at discipleship@capochurch.com. You can also pre-register for any of our courses by following the link below.

We’re looking forward to growing with you in Christ!
CBC Discipleship Ministry Team

2023 Read Through the new testament and psalms

Feel a tug on your heart to read the Bible more regularly? Come read through the New Testament and Psalms this year with us! Join a group and start reading today. Every other week, groups meet to review and discuss the past week's reading, share insight and questions, and encourage each other on their reading and faith journeys. See below for groups, meet times, and who to contact for more information

Monday Morning Women's Group
11:30am-1:00pm @ Church, Cafe
Contact: Beth (949) 285-9016

Tuesday Evening Women's Group
6:30-8:00pm @ Church, Green Room
Contact: Beth (949) 285-9016

Wednesday Morning Women's Group
8:30-10:00am @ Church, Green Room
Contact: Colleen (949) 285-7358

Wednesday Evening Men's Group
6:00-7:30pm @ Church, Green Room
Contact: Pat (949) 293-3077

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START! to Follow is a class designed to equip new believers with Biblical teaching and helpful resources that will encourage them to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. It is also ideal for those who would like additional training to use when walking with a new believer. We cover the basics of Christian discipleship, including prayer, sharing your faith, and knowing (and doing!) the will of God.

School of Biblical World View

School of Biblical World View is designed to help students gain a foundational understanding of the Christian worldview by studying what the Bible reveals about God, humanity, and life in this world. This class will help students develop an understanding of absolute, objective, Biblical truth and provide tools needed for deepening and defending the Christian faith. We will explore why Christians believe the Bible is a trustworthy source, and will provide answers to the common challenges people pose in attempting to refute Christianity.

"Read Through" Series

The “Read Through” series is a discussion-based class designed to engage participants in transformative reading through a book of the Bible. Class participants will have the opportunity to practice the Bible reading technique of “Read, Reflect, and Respond”. Class time will be spent discussing each week’s Scripture reading and encouraging each other as we learn to consider and apply God’s Word to our lives.

Discipleship Partners

We have been amazed at the way God has used the START! to Follow material in our lives and in the lives of the class participants. Several participants have completed START! to Follow and have a deep love for Christ and a strong desire to walk alongside others in their faith journey. These Discipleship Partners are available to partner with others in an individual or small group setting to study the START! to Follow material in an informal manner.

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