About Helping Hands Ministry

Helping Hands Ministry is a volunteer based ministry that helps provide services and help to others in times of need and to alleviate loneliness and offer support to seniors, single mother and widows at Capo Beach Church. The Ministry will serve by providing services, friendship and opportunities for participating in Church and community activities.

The envisioned result is to those in need or going through life changing circumstances and also empower seniors, single mothers and widows to remain independent as much as possible while receiving ongoing support and a referral system that offers services such as providing temporary meal support, transportation, running errands, offering friendly visits, organized social church activities and senior community center opportunities.

Types of assistance provided


When people in our church go through surgeries, illnesses, new births or family losses, a nice home-cooked meal can be one of the best ways to show the support and encouragement of our church family.


We can help seniors with trips to the grocery store, pharmacy, cleaners or miscellaneous errands, we’ll get you there with a commitment of 2 times a month for 3 months maximum. We help you keep up with the errands that cannot be accomplished without a vehicle.  we’ll get you there.


We help to keep seniors socially active and healthy by driving them where they need to go. We will offer rides to social activities, and church activities, such as prayer groups, Bible study, weekend services, and more.


We provide weekly visits to seniors in order to create solid friendships, and fight isolation.

Volunteer with Helping Hands Ministry

The care and services provided to seniors, widows, and single moms or for meal request can only be accomplished through the dedicated volunteers who make up this ministry. Whether you have an hour a week to help someone run an errand, can cook a meal once every few months or an entire day to fix up some things around a house, your time and presence is truly appreciated and needed. Since Helping Hands volunteers often assist vulnerable people, we ask that you first complete an application, then a fingerprinting process so that we can ensure the safety of those we care for. To start, click the button below.