Volunteer with Helping Hands Ministry

Helping Hands is a volunteer based ministry that provides services to help our local community in times of need. Our goal is to alleviate loneliness and offer support to seniors, single parents and widow(er)s at Capo Beach Church by way of friendship, fellowship and acts of service.

Our envisioned result is to come alongside those who are in need or are going through a life changing circumstance. We also desire to empower seniors, single parents and widow(er)s to remain as independent as possible while receiving ongoing support. Helping Hands offers services such as temporary meal support, groceries, running errands, friendly social visits, organized church activities, senior community center opportunities and much more.

Types of assistance provided


When people in our church go through surgeries, illnesses, new births or family losses, a nice home-cooked meal can be one of the best ways to show the support and encouragement of our church family.

Home-Cooked Meals

During this time of crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and job loss, Helping Hands has the ability to help with free groceries for our church family members who are truly in need of support via donation by food banks and other contributors.

Help Around the House

We provide assistance with household chores you need help with!

Ministry Contact

Dan & Donna Raidy