Red Door HSM Baja Missions Trip 2023

April 3 - 8, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

San Quintín, Baja California, Mexico

Join Red Door for a unique and affordable opportunity for  teens to spend 6 days in beautiful Baja building a home for a needy family. It’s an all-inclusive trip and offers incredible real-life experiences where teens walk away with a greater appreciation for life, family, and faith. Students will also take a trip to the sand dunes of La Pinta Beach, go shopping in a tiny fishing village, and spend the night at a private beach campground.

Mexico no longer permits us to bring our 53 passenger bus across the boarder, therefore transportation space is limited to students that currently attend Red Door and their friends (or our friends from SJHHS -HWH).  We offer a waitlist for students that attend another church and would like to help. If seats become available or your parents offer to drive or they have a safe and reliable loaner vehicle capable of transporting 7 or more we may be able to add you sooner.

To travel with us you will need either a birth certificate , passport card or passport with an expiration date of May 2023 or later. If you are a minor, we will also need a consent to travel form signed by both of your parents (if both are listed on your birth certificate), copies of their IDs, and a copy of your birth certificate.

Below is the house built for Benida and her children in 2022.

Helpful Links:

Click here for a informational video


Passport application

FMM How To

FMM (Migration Form) To be filled out, printed, and given to Red Door. If you don’t have a passport then enter your birth certificate number in its place.