Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

It is our sincere desire and ultimate goal to bring this Spiritual Encounter at no cost to you. Although we do require deposits, we provide a viable plan for you to regain your financial investment yet we make no guarantee.

We require one deposit of $2500.00 at the signing of the Agreement to secure the dates of your choice and to guarantee your commitment to the event. Another deposit of $2500.00 is required 30 days prior to the Event to cover expenses incurred by the Tabernacle Experience Group relating to travel, maintenance and consumable items. 

How do we regain our financial investment?

Each guest contributes $6.00 toward the Tabernacle Experience. School Age and above. (Maximum $20.00 per immediate family)
We believe the contribution to be nominal yet it could pose a hardship on some. Our mission is to provide this Spiritually Life transforming Encounter to everyone. Therefore everyone is welcome and no one is turned away. This Entrance Contribution provides the means for the
Host  to regain their financial investment. Once 1500 contributing guests have journeyed through the Tabernacle Experience the two deposits/retainers are credited to the Host! 

Is there further monetary compensation for the Host Church?

Yes! We tithe 10% of the Entrance Contribution to the Host, as stated in the Tabernacle Experience Agreement.
We also tithe 10% of the gross salesa
t The Marketplace.
It is our intent to bless the Host Church who has worked diligently in the promotion of the Event.

What exactly is the Marketplace?

Items relating specifically to the Tabernacle are available to our guests. i.e. anointing oil, priestly breastplate, incense, Bible Study, etc.

How much space is required?

The Courtyard measures 75′ x 150′. The Tabernacle Proper, a tent measuring 15’ x 45’ rests within the confines of the Courtyard. Two auxiliary tents are set up outside the perimeters of the Courtyard, each tent measuring 10′ x 20′. You can download a technical schematic layout of the Tabernacle here.

How long does the Tabernacle stay on site?

The Tabernacle Experience Staff arrives the day before set up. The next day we work alongside 20 of your volunteers to erect the Tabernacle Experience. (Approximately 7 hours) Usually we setup on a given Thursday. So, let’s count one day for set up and then we are open for 10 consecutive days with breakdown on Monday, the 11th day.

What are the suggested hours of operation?

Daily: 11 am – 8 pm

How do we promote the Tabernacle?

The Tabernacle Experience offers a promotional budget of $1,000.00.
You’ll find all the Promotional Material you will need right here on our website.
If you need assistance, we are here to serve your church staff and Volunteers to position your church in such a way to present a successful and Spiritually impacting event for the community.

Besides our financial obligation what else is required of The Host Church?

A strong base of volunteers

How many Volunteers are required to host the Tabernacle Experience?

We schedule 2 daily shifts.  Each shift requires 7 Volunteer Attendants . Each Attendant signs up for three shifts during the 10 day stay. We are committed to train and coach your Volunteer Attendants Friday morning prior to Opening Day!