What is the INSPIRED Exhibit?

Founded by Dr. Scott Carroll, the INSPIRED Exhibit celebrates the Bible as the most important book ever written and provides vivid evidence for why it can be trusted. INSPIRED will bring to life biblical treasures to tell the incredible story of how we got the Bible. This exhibit offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to see rare biblical treasures and to learn first-hand about the history of the Bible. It will be an engaging experience that brings biblical treasures to life for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. You will learn firsthand how the Bible was written, copied and preserved over time. You will have a chance to get up close and personal to items such as cuneiform tablets from the time of Abraham, classical and biblical papyri, medieval biblical manuscripts and extremely rare scrolls. The exhibit is supplemented by engaging lectures incorporating hands-on exposure to select items from the display.

Who is Dr. Scott Carroll?

Dr. Carroll is a leading specialist on the history of the Bible and is a founder of Inspired Exhibit. He holds an M.A. in ecclesiastical history from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a Ph.D. in ancient studies from Miami University. He specializes in the study of classical and biblical papyri and medieval manuscripts. Over the last three decades, he has held teaching and research posts at a number of universities including Cornerstone University, Gordon College, Baylor University and a consortium of universities in Kenya and Nigeria. Dr. Carroll directed an excavation of the earliest-known unoccupied Egyptian monastic site and has authored or co-authored seven books and numerous articles, most relating to the history of the Bible.Prior to founding Inspired Exhibit, he had the privilege of directing two of the largest private collections of biblically-related manuscripts and rare books in the world. During this time, he directed collaborative research and exhibits in a number of locations, including with the British Library and the Vatican Library.

Get Your Tickets!

In order to maximize each visitor’s experience we’ve limited the amount of tickets available for purchase. This means you need to get your tickets ASAP in order to visit at a time that works for you. Ticket preference is sold on a first come, first serve basis.