Couple's Ministry

The Couples Ministry seeks to encourage couples to pursue a Christ-centered marriage by providing home fellowships, retreats, classes, seminars, and workshops where husbands and wives can learn to love one another as Christ loves us all ... unconditionally, intimately, and with forgiveness. We want to contribute to a loving, Christ-centered home life that totally blesses your marriage, and your children.


For singles, dating, or engaged to explore the next step of their relationship we offer biblical counsel and curriculum. Couples will explore the hard questions about the long-term possibilities of their relationship, and determine how and where Jesus fits in so they can have a Christ-centered marriage. Private classes are available. Also get the help you need with officiating your wedding ceremony, wedding vows, and different ceremony options to make your wedding day very special.

For Married Couples

We provide private biblical marriage counseling and private or group marriage education classes, where couples gain new skills and tools to develop different ways to build their marriage relationship. We teach communication skills, and help couples learn to adjust to each other’s expectations, communicate more clearly, break down walls, and learn to listen with the intent to understand your partner’s heart. Couples will learn healthy ways to identify problems and solve them, and to show respect, even in conflict. Couples will find replacements for trigger words and actions, build trust, restore intimacy, and most of all, develop a Christ-centered marriage founded in God’s love.

Ministry Contact

Dan Russell