Beginning with a passion for equipping dads and sons along their journey into Christ-centered manhood, Dan Kelsay began expanding his focus to incorporate families as a whole. His message of spiritual leadership has been heard at parent conferences, retreats, commitment ceremonies, and through individual mentoring as well.  He has enjoyed teaching and promoting the Raising Modern-Day Knight curriculum throughout the southland.  Before joining Capo Beach Church, he led the Family Opportunities team at his previous church.  Currently, Dan serves as the coordinator of Capo Church’s Connect Groups.


Class Details

Visioneering for Parents provides insights into your parental role of reflecting God’s image to your children. You will learn key strategies in implementing teamwork with your spouse in applying Near & Far Love concepts. Through these Biblical insights you can craft a preferred future for your child.

Starting with the 4th session, the focus shifts to equipping dads and their sons in becoming Real Men (as defined by the author of the best selling book: Raising Modern-Day Knights) in order to provide the spiritual leadership their families need. (These sessions are attended by the dads, only.)

The class will run from January 22nd to March 5th @ 11am in Classroom 1.

Class Material

Raising Modern Day Knights Book – $11.99 from Amazon