Jesus Is My King: A Series Through the Gospel of Mark

The leadership of our government has never been more visible than in 2020. Many people before 2020 barely knew who their governor was or how our federal government actually functioned. But in 2020 those in leadership began to affect us not just nationally but personally. In one way or another most people close 2020 with a poor taste in their mouths when thinking of politics and/or government leadership.

During our frustration in 2020 I did begin to see hope. It forced Christians to look beyond our current political system and return to scripture. I noticed a statement from Christians started to pick up steam. An internal motto, in you will, was uttered under their breath and in their hearts. A phrase, that for many, allowed them to find hope despite disappointment in our American system of politics.

Those four words “Jesus, is my king” became an inspiration for believers globally.

I believe this statement was knitted into our hearts by the holy spirit. A notification of sorts to remind us of what is the true reality. A nudge to reconsider where our hope is. Yet, do we fully understand what it means to say that He is our king? Do we know the breadth of a statement like that? Do we understand the implications to our lives, relationships and rights found in those four words?

As we’ve just celebrated the birth of King Jesus, we will now look at His life through the writing of John Mark which was influenced by Peter. We will journey to see what it means to actually believe and live according to Jesus as King of our lives. Jesus invites us to see the new way to be human under his kingship.

Join us as we journey through the Gospel of Mark together!