“The Book of Revelation” – An Online Class

September 30 - November 25

Make no mistake… What you think, believe or don’t believe about the end times shapes how you live today. Every believer at some point needs to come to a conclusion on Jesus’ conclusion to the age we live in. But many do not want to take the time, usually for two main reasons. For some, you were raised in the church and you have a varying level of “end times teaching trauma” which may or may not have turned into a sense of apathy about such topics. For others, since you’ve come to faith in Jesus you’ve never had the chance to sit under some good guidance through the writings about the end times. Either way the book of Revelation is probably one of the most misused and misunderstood books of the bible. To top it off, it’s likely the least read as well. Yet, I, Pastor Matt, believe it gives us the greatest picture of HOPE for our lives today. Join me as I give an 8 week online class and teach verse by verse through the entirety of Revelation. Class launches September 30th!


New session videos released Wednesday evenings!