Red Door Skid Row Christmas toy give away

December 16 - 17

Join us for this fun event as we serve Skid Row! On Saturday, December 16th and 17th we will be partnering with the Fred Jordan Mission for a Christmas Toy Giveaway! Sign up and don’t miss out!

Check-in will be 6:00 pm Friday night (12/16) in the church parking lot.

We will depart from the church at 6:30pm on the Red Door bus. Students will stay overnight in the dorm rooms at the Fred Jordan Mission located at 445 Towne Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90013.  Students will bag gifts for the children Friday night and then give them away on Saturday morning!!!

Pick-up time is 4:00 pm Saturday afternoon in the church parking lot, however, if there is any delay we will have your teen text you the updated ETA.