Dr. Gastón Espinosa is Professor of Religious Studies at Claremont McKenna College. He attended Dana Hills High School, where he played football and ran track & field before going on to graduate from Biola University, Princeton Seminary, Harvard University, and the University of California at Santa Barbara (PhD). He was a visiting scholar at Dartmouth College and Princeton University, is the author/editor of nine books, enjoys teaching, worship, singing, dancing, sports, the outdoors & beach, and has a passion for serving the church and society with the love & knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Class Details

This apologetics class explores tough questions & criticisms in Christian history, theology, and culture through different views of Jesus in other religions, Jesus and Muhammad compared, 5 myths about the crusades, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with Hamas, 5 Proofs for God’s existence, Protestant & Catholic similarities & differences, and trends in world Christianity & claim that Christianity in a state of decline around the world.  It will provide you with a brief introduction to the key issues and leaders, scholarly interpretations, and how to respond to honest questions about them with family and friends and help prepare you for informed and meaningful dialogue with people from a wide variety of beliefs.

Class 1 (Jan. 21) – Christian Apologetics 101: Different Approaches to Defending and Explaining Christianity

Class 2 (Jan. 28) – Who is Jesus in Christianity and Other Religions? Do other religions believe in the same Jesus?

Class 3 (Feb. 4) – 5 Proofs for God’s Existence: Can you proving God’s existence without referencing the Bible?

Class 4 (Feb. 11) – Jesus and Muhammad Compared: How are they similar & different?

Class 5 (Feb. 18) – 5 Myths About the Crusades to the Holy Lands, 1095-1291: Were they unprovoked wars?

Class 6 (Feb. 25) – Israeli-Palestinian Conflict & Rationales for Hamas’s attack on Israel?

Class 7 (Mar. 3) – Protestants & Catholics: What are the Differences?

Class 8 (Mar. 10) – Is God Dead & Christianity Declining? Trends in American & Global Christianity

The class will run from January 21st to March 10th in Classroom 2, 9:30-11am.



Class Material

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