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Books, Music, Resources, and More!

In the CBC Bookstore, we strive continually to meet the needs of every individual in their walk with Jesus. Our volunteer staff each have a heart for the Lord, and deeply care about the people who come in. You will always feel welcome and assisted with whatever you are looking for.


One of our goals is to make Bibles more affordable, so that no one is walking without the Word of God. To accomplish this, we offer all of our Bibles at 30% off the original price. We carry most versions and many styles. If we don't have something, we will attempt to get it in the store for you in a few days.


Beyond Bibles, we stock the best-selling books in most Christian genres, as well as music CD's, gifts and jewelry, and an array of children's books, Bibles, gifts, and toys. We have a full line of Dayspring inspirational greeting cards, as well as many cards from Leanin' Tree Celebration Greetings.

Special Orders

We are here to encourage, assist, and provide you with whatever resources you need at a reasonably affordable price. If you cannot find a book, Bible or item in our bookstore, we can most likely order it for you.

*For more information, call (949) 493-2006 ext. 0213

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