"Using technology to spread God’s word beyond the walls of our church "
Ministry Mission Statement


How do you livestream and record all of the services?

We have a variety of professional-grade videography equipment; cameras, live  production switchers, communication gear, and so on. Just like a TV studio… only  smaller.

Who operates all of the cameras?

People like YOU! We are staffed mostly by volunteers. And with attendance growing and more equipment becoming available, we need MORE of you! Each service (mid-week, too) needs 3 to 4 camera operators plus a director.

Is the equipment complicated to operate? Do you need professional training?

Not at all! While camera operating is a little more involved than taking a selfie, you can be up and running with about 30 minutes of training – or less. You just need to learn a few of the camera controls, plus a little terminology. 

How do I get started? And what will it be like when I’m on?

Simple: Sign up at the Connect Center. We will schedule a few Broadcast Training sessions here at the church. They won’t be longer than an hour, and you only have to attend one. We’ll get you set up with our scheduling app as well; you can chose what service time(s) you like to attend. When you’re scheduled, just arrive 15 minutes before the service starts so you can get in position and be ready. When service starts, it’s Lights, Camera, Action!

Ministry Contact

Jason Keany