Join Us for the Journey

Do you ever find yourself wanting to learn more about God's Word, but reading through the Bible just seems so intimidating? Join us for a year long journey as we read through the entire Bible in 2021! We believe that God's Word is active and alive in our lives today, so why wouldn't we want to read it all?! Our prayer is that you would find strength, confidence, joy, peace, and love in the comfort of Scripture and that your life would be impacted greatly as we journey through this together! Click the buttons below to follow along. We'll see you soon!


Youversion Bible App

1. Download the Youversion app
2. Open the app on your phone
3. Select center icon at the bottom menu called “Plans”
4. Scroll down to the “Through The Bible” section and press “Whole Bible” graphic
5. Press “Bible Project | The Bible”
6. Select “Start Plan”

Read Scripture

  1. Download the Read Scripture app
  2. Open the app on your phone
  3. Select the corresponding Scripture to follow along

Bible Project

  1. Download the PDF for the reading plan