Looking to Rehome Our Two Cats

Capobeachchurch   -  

Our family has recently found itself on a path to Copenhagen DK for work. We were gutted to discover the housing situation does not allow pets. However, once we took a moment to think Pip (10 yo male) may not survive the trip. He’s a sweet gray tabby who’s got his head on a swivel and would suffer too much traveling. He’s loyal and so content in a quiet environment and makes a perfect lap cat who gives unconditional cuddles. And then we have sweet Cubby (6 yo female) a highly affectionate Hyland lynx and has so much love to give. She’s instantly loved by everyone who comes over. The two are a pair as they are bonded and both cats are magnets to elderly people who prefer the quiet and slower pace of life. They are both such sweet animals and it breaks our hearts to even have to write this..but cannot bring ourselves to place them in a shelter. It would be traumatic for them at this age and we just don’t have the heart to do that. They come with a litter robot. If anyone with a loving home is looking to love on a pair of older sweet cats, please let us know. We are desperate to see them off in a happy environment, these are truly the best cats and they have so much love to give.


Please contact virgilgherghel@gmail.com if interested.