Weekly Devotion #16


Fear (Covid) in the World

Thinking about the current times, there is so much fear and uncertainty all around us… Then to think about when God shows up to display his power and glory the brightest… Are we as believers to fall prey to the fear and uncertainty OR know it’s one of those times He is using to display his glory and power? Could He even be the author?? Maybe…. All throughout Scripture there are stories of God shining brightest when the situation is filled with fear and uncertainty. It’s a common theme and it’s when He does His best work. So why would we be worried at all about our own personal modern day crisis? It might be of global proportions, but wasn’t God in the middle of the disasters of global proportions way back in time also?

This is our moment, to turn our faith into action. To come away from our Bible studies, our small groups and our comfortable Christian community and… to put tennis shoes on our faith, and walk through these times with those filled with fear, anxiety and doubt.

A light on a hill doesn’t radiate much light until it is dark. This is a historical moment in time for us to shine our light into this darkness.

God has opened doors for us, He has set the stage, this is OUR moment to be bold and give hope to those in fear.

Final thought….We need to stop yearning for things to be back to the way they were, if it was God‘s will to have things be the way they were they would still be there. But they aren’t. Let’s reflect on the scriptures in the Bible we’ve all spent so much time reading and realize this is a moment in time that God wants to be put first.

He’s a jealous God and he doesn’t want us worshiping other gods.

I say all this to encourage you guys and to ask that you encourage all our brothers and sisters in Christ to be bold and speak out about our great God. This is our time to shine so bright.