Matt Testimony – Part 10

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(Part 10/11)

“This is how I deal with doubt. There are definitely days where you read through the Old Testament and it’s like I don’t know, is this really real? Wait a minute, Jesus is all-loving, but these verses are pretty judgmental. It looks like a lot of people are about to die right now for some God’s plan to teach one group of people something. Every person goes through that, ‘Do I really believe this? Does this really shape how I live?’ Especially with all this Covid stuff: ‘Is there really going to be a heaven? Are you sure we aren’t just going to go to the dirt and pass away? Evolution, are you sure it’s not real; we could have come from monkeys? I don’t know, maybe it is all random chance. Is there a plan for my life?’ 

There are all these doubts all day long. For me, and everyone has their own way of doing it, what I come down to is, hold on a second, would I live any different today even if it was all fake? And I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t. Am I in a position today that I don’t like because of what I believe? No, I’m not. In fact, if tomorrow aliens exist, Jesus was a mirage, and like in Interstellar our future selves are projecting everything back on our past selves, and it’s all a lie… would you live any different? I still wouldn’t live any different. What if Jesus was fake and he wasn’t real, and it turned out we were all turning back into dust? Would I live any different? I still wouldn’t. Because obviously, the guy had some really good things to say, that I’ve lived in my life and it produced a lot of good fruit. So I still wouldn’t live any different. For me, my doubts usually just fall away because I’m like what has procured more fruit: my belief in my own self or my belief in Jesus? My belief in Jesus has produced way more fruit, the proof is in the pudding. For me, I wouldn’t live any different, and then I keep going.”