Red Door HSM Swaziland Missions 2022

June 10 - 22

Unnamed Road, Eswatini

Capo Beach Church’s Campus in Africa is pictured above.

Has God placed a desire in your heart to help the widowed, orphaned, and needy? If you are in High School or you’re interested in joining the Red Door HSM team. This will be our 13th year of involvement at our campus care-point located in Thembeni, Swaziland. Click the map icon above to see where our Carepoint is located. This trip is presently only open to CBC members due to the limited number of spaces available.

Our window for dates is from June 10th to June 23rd, 2022 for 12 to 13 days, booking our flight we finalize exact dates.

Signing up this far in advance may seem like a lifetime away, but that gives you time to raise your support and plan. The estimated student cost of the trip is estimated at $2,095.00* which includes airfare, safari, transportation, hotel, travelers insurance, etc… The final cost of the trip will be determined at the time of ticketing and the size of our team that will need to be transported from Johannesburg to Manzini.  In the meantime please feel free to check other organizations that offer trips to Africa and you will see the going rate runs about $6,500.

We are priced considerably lower because we don’t stay at a hotel or fancy guest house but right at the Carepoint in roughing it style living conditions: i.e. air mattresses/cots, sleeping bags,  cold showers, shared cooking, and limited privacy.

Fundraising opportunities and sponsor letters are available.

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