Weekly Devotion #8


“I will make a clear distinction between my people and your people.” Exodus 8:23

Make no mistake, the Lord knows who belongs to Him, who trusts in Him and who walks with Him.

Our community, our nation and our world are filled with a diverse group of people. Some believe in the Lord and some do not. Some have committed their hearts to the Lord and some have not. Some trust in the Lord and some will not.

In Exodus, God says “I will make a clear distinction between my people and your people.“ Currently in our nation there is a political climate and a cultural movement that is disheartening for many of us. We are a “mixed bag“ of believers and non-believers alike. Those of us who understand that our nation is rooted in the very foundation of God Himself find ourselves struggling with those who either do not believe in God or who believe that God and government should be separate entities…or even that God has no place in any of our affairs.

This can be disconcerting and unsettling to the grieving hearts who know, without a doubt, that God is the very fabric of our existence, our community and our nation.

We can take comfort in knowing that God knows and has made a clear distinction between those who love Him and those who do not.

Because God wants every knee to bow, it is our duty and privilege to pray unceasingly for those who do not know The Most High God. Pray that they will become part of our church family. Pray that they will repent. Pray that they will join in spreading the good news and pray that they will participate in sharing their gifts in Kingdom work.

Just as God met Saul on the road to Damascus, causing him to come to know the true and living God, He continues to meet the lost, converting them as well. After all, isn’t that where we came from and isn’t that who He came to save?

If you are experiencing difficulty during this time in knowing who or what to pray for, ask God to intercede on your behalf, allowing his Holy Spirit to direct your prayers.