Meet the Teacher

Colleen Minahan teaches apologetics and comparative worldviews for Saddleback Christian Academy inMission Viejo. Her family has been part of the Capo Beach Church community for several years. Mostrecently, Colleen has been serving in Women’s Ministry and acting as the lead teacher for theDiscipleship Ministry. She and her husband Tim live in San Clemente, where they are enjoying theirnewly emptied nest.

Class Overview

Class Content

Open Discussion

If you are curious about Christianity, have just begun a relationship with Jesus Christ, or have been a Christian for a while, but still have questions, come join us for Starting Point.  This discussion-based class will meet for 8 weeks, and we’ll cover topics like “Who is Jesus, and is He really any better than other religions?”, “What do I do when I fail?”, and “Can I trust that God will keep His promises?”

Video Series and Workbook

Starting Point is a video series and workbook created by Andy Stanly.

Here is a note from Andy;

Everything has a starting point-your life, your relationships, your education, your career.

Sometimes we forget that faith has a starting point as well. For some of us, our faith journeys began in childhood as a set of beliefs handed to us by a parent, teacher, or pastor. Maybe you developed a framework of faith based on personal experience. Or maybe you had not faith at all. Too often, a faith formed in childhood isn’t strong enough to withstand the pressures of adult life.

But what if you could find a new starting point for faith?

Class Details

Date: October 3 – November 21, 2021

Day: Sunday

Time: 9:30am-10:45am

Location: Capo Beach Church Main Building

Cost: Free

Materials: Participant to purchase: Andy Stanly, Starting Point Conversation Guide: A Conversation About Faith.