How did you come to join the team at Capo Beach Church?

God put a call on my life many years ago which I successfully avoided until He allowed a
set of circumstances to occur that gave me no option but to be employed in God’s work. I approached the leadership of the church indicating my desire and was hired . My extensive construction experience fit perfectly with the need for a facility manager. After
a few years an opening appeared for a counselor in the CARE department and I moved on to where I am today.

Describe your role at CBC in one sentence:


What is your favorite thing about being a part of the team here at CBC?

The opportunity to meet people “where they are”.

Regular or Decaf?

Neither. Gave up coffee three years ago when my tolerance went beyond a full pot before noon.

Favorite activities when you’re not at work:

gardening home projects,

Surfing or Hiking?

Neither. Go to the gym

Mac or PC?


Cat or Dog?

Three dogs;Border Collie,two chihuahuas, tabby cat and a parrot

If you woke up tomorrow morning as a Disney character who would you be? Why?

Mickey Mouse. He was always upbeat and positive and passed that energy on to whomever he came in contact

Describe yourself in one word:

I care