Meet the Teacher

Gastón Espinosa is Professor of Religious Studies at Claremont McKenna College. He attended Dana Hills High School where he played football and ran track & field before going on to graduate from Biola University, Princeton Seminary, Harvard University, and the University of California at Santa Barbara (PhD). He was a visiting follow at Princeton University, is the author/editor of 8 books, enjoys teaching, sports, the outdoors, and has a passion for serving the church and society with the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Class Overview

Class Content

This class explores a number of questions about Christianity and its relationship to the world through the Crusades, trends in Christianity, key Christian beliefs, the birth of Protestantism, Jesus and Muhammad, and a biblical vision and approach to politics and social change.  It will provide you with a brief introduction to the key issues and leaders, scholarly interpretations, and how to respond to honest questions about them with family and friends and help prepare you for informed and meaningful dialogue with people from a wide variety of opinions.

Why did Christians launch the Crusades to the Holy Lands?
Is Christianity in irreversible decline globally?
How can God be 3 in 1?
How can Jesus be fully God and fully man?
Why and how do Protestants and Catholics differ?
How are Jesus and Muhammad similar & different?
Why and how should Christians care about politics?
Why and how should Christians change society?

Class Details

Date: October 3 – November 21, 2021

Day: Sunday

Time: 9:15-10:30am

Location: Capo Beach Church Main Building

Cost: Free

Materials: Materials provided in class.