Red Door HSM Houseboat Trip

July 24 - 29, 8:00 am - 6:30 pm

High school students do you want to get in a secret? The Red Door HSM is a blast and we love to travel, (i.e. Africa, Mexico) Why not join us on Lake Mohave for a houseboat trip with other high school students from local high schools. Awesome wakeboard boats, inner tube rides, wave runners, cliff jumping, and amazing times of worship under star-filled night skies!

Please ask an RDV during a Sunday or Wednesday service for the registration link. Registrations are open to active Red Door students or 1st-time travelers that don’t have a home church.

Students are allowed to drive wave runners with supervision or if you have a driver’s license and a California Boaters Card, you can drive solo.

Get certified here for free:
Then apply for your boaters card here: