Red Door HSM Africa 2021

July 1 - 14

Has God placed a desire in your heart to help the widowed, orphaned and needy? If you are in High School or you’re interested in joining the Red Door HSM 2021 team, reach out to Rod or and RDV. This will be our 13th year of involvement in our care-point located in Thembeni, Swaziland. This trip is presently only open to CBC members due to the impacted nature of this trip.

We purchase our “non-refundable” airfare October of the year before to get the best price. The total cost of the trip typically runs less than $2,000* including airfare, safari, transportation, insurance, etc… The total cost of the trip will be determined once we ticket your airfare and sign contracts with a charter bus to transport team from Johannesburg to Manzini. In the meantime please feel free to check other organizations that offer trips to Africa and you will see the going rate runs about $5,000.

We are priced considerably lower because we stay right at the Carepoint with roughing it living conditions: i.e. air mattresses and sleeping bags on the floor, intermittent and cold water for showers, cooking team rotations over a camp stove, little privacy).

For our traveling adults we will be offering the option to stay at a nearby guest house with two people per room. You will be joining the team staying out at the Carepoint and do all the same ministry roles as our HS team. The extra cost for the Adult team will be to cover transportation to and from the guest house, the guest house rental, and separate meals. (no camp stove cooking)


Below are forms and different information you might need for your trip.

Everyone will need a passport book with an expiration date of Feb 2022 or later; a passport card will not work.

If you are a minor you will also need a consent to travel form, certified copy of your birth certificate (not a photo copy), and copies of your parents ID’s. (If both parent’s are listed on your birth certificate, then you need both of their signatures and ID’s)


Passport application

Consent to Travel Form

Certified copy of birth certificate