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Why Swaziland?

This small country in Africa has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the world, giving it the name "Nation of Orphans." Generations of people in this country have been decimated by AIDS, leaving many children orphaned and alone without anyone to call mom or dad. Twelve percent of the total population are considered to be orphans. The average person in Swaziland only lives to be about 28 years old.

Because there are virtually no orphanages or children's homes in Swaziland, these children are literally left to fend for themselves without any means of survival. Widely held myths and misunderstandings about AIDS have left many girls vulnerable to sexual abuse and infection of HIV. Young children throughout Swaziland are often found to be the head of the household, caring for all their younger siblings, and other children who have no one. Orphans are left susceptible to malnutrition, disease, and abuse. Children roam the streets unclothed and hungry looking for answers and for someone to care for them. Due to this harsh reality, Capo Beach Church and Children's Hopechest have created a place for orphans to find refuge, a place to be loved and fed ... a CarePoint.

Child Sponsorship

Sponsoring one of the Swazi children through Children's HopeChest will help provide access to a better environment, improved health, tutoring, and age appropriate Bible training. You will be able to build a relationship with your sponsored child. Like other children, orphans need adult input. The one-to-one connection through letter writing between you and the child you sponsor will allow you to offer encouragement, guidance, and the love of Jesus Christ as few other adults ever will.

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