Staff Email Signatures

These are staff email signatures to be copy and pasted into your gmail settings. 

Step 1: Scroll down to your name and select everything in between the --> and <-- symbols. 
Step 2: Copy all using Command-C (mac) or Control-C (windows) 
Step 3: Open up Gmail and click on “Settings” from the action gear icon.
Step 4: Scroll all the way down to the Signature area. Click the radio button next to the text box. Then click your mouse in the text box. Type Command-V (mac) or Control-V (windows) to paste the signature.
Step 5: Edit or add any cell phone or other contact information you'd like 
Step 6: Scroll down to click save. 

If you are using the app Mac Mail instead of gmail on a web browser use these instructions



First Last
Capo Beach Church
p: (949) 493-2006 ext. 261  m: 000-000-0000
f: (949) 240-3404
a: 25975 Domingo Ave, Capistrano Beach, CA 92624
w:  e: 


Click and drag from here -->

First Last
Capo Beach Church
p:(949) 493-2006 ext. 261
f:(949) 240-3404
a:25975 Domingo Ave, Capistrano Beach, CA 92624  e:

     <-- to here. Then Copy and Paste as your signature in your Gmail settings