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New Children's Ministry Curriculum

Posted by Julia Butcher on
Children's Ministry

Dear CBC Families,

This month we launched our new curriculum, The Gospel Project, and it has been a huge success for our weekly children’s church services! The kids are loving the story videos and the fun and engaging activities each week. One of the best features of this curriculum is the family app that you can download. This app pairs with our weekend curriculum and allows your kids to review the weekend lessons and learn about the Bible all week long. The app is called “The Gospel Project for Kids”, and you can find it at the app store for Apple and Android devices. Below are direct links to download the app:

Download Apple Mobile App

Download Android Mobile App

Once you download the app, you will have many download options within the app. We are currently in Fall 2015, so download either the free Lite version or the full version for your device. You can access all of the units and specific sessions for the curriculum, and your child’s activity page will show where we are in the curriculum each week.

Please contact me if you have any questions about downloading or using the app, and have fun exploring the Bible with your kids!


Julia Butcher
Children's Ministry Director
(949) 493-2006 x204