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Day 4 | Wednesday

Posted by Sean Kappauf on
Easter 2017


Mark 12:28-34


If these two commandments are the most important of all and if this is what worshipping, loving, and serving God is all about, then all that the Temple stands for (the daily, weekly, and annual round of sacrifices and offerings) is virtually unnecessary. When a crisis comes, loving God and one’s neighbor still matter. Sacrifices don’t. 

This is partly why Jesus did what he did in the Temple. He was offering fulfillment of Judaism which would make the Temple out of date. 

No wonder Jesus responds to this man with such breathtaking words: “You are not far from God’s Kingdom.” 

Jesus really did believe that through His Kingdom mission, God the Father would enable people to worship and love Him and love one another in a new way, the way promised in the prophets, the way that resulted from renewed hearts and lives. 

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