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Day 1 | Sunday

Posted by Sean Kappauf on
Easter 2017


Mark 11:1-11

Further reading: Zechariah 9:9-12


Jesus had arrived and the crowds were elated.

We know this because of their response to Jesus. The laying down of cloaks and the waving of palm branches was reserved for welcoming a specific kind of person. Both actions would bear social and cultural implications. These actions give us insight into how the crowds saw Jesus in that moment.

Laying down cloaks was only done for royalty. 

Waving palm branches was done 200 years previously when a Jewish man revolted against an adversary and overtook Jerusalem and the Temple. 

With the significance of these two symbols in mind, we can see why the crowds were excited.

Jesus is King and has come to save them.

Hosanna! He is here!