Red Door HSM Meeting Times

Meeting Times


This happens every Sunday where students gather in our High School Building at 10 AM for 5 different random breakout groups to get us discussing the morning message this last 20 minutes followed by a time of song singing to remind us that our heavenly Dad is good and cares about us and our future which is  lead by our student worship band. The morning wraps up with a 20-minute message lead by one of our RDV team members or Pastor Rod.  


Meets at the High School Building. An incredible time to dive deeper into meaningful conversations about life, faith and culture and Christ.  Followed by a time to reflect on in song about how great Jesus truely is while expressing our gratitude and stirring our belief that He alone is worthy of putting one's hope in. This is followed by a relative grace-filled message that reveals the gospel of hope to this generation.

Small Groups

Every Week Red Door offers Guys and Gals groups to deepen our friendships and faith! They both start at 12:30 PM launching from the Student Ministries office inside the Church hallway.  Bring money for lunch since we take the groups out to various fast food to share a meal together.

Joining a small group can be a life transformational step that you look back on and say, “That was a solid choice!”  It’s so Orange County to keep your friendship on a superficial level, but where does that leave you when you need more than small talk?  Red Door small groups are informal, fun and full of real people.  They are modeled after the approachable life of Jesus, not the religious leaders of His day that pointed out the flaws of God’s followers.  Red Door small groups are truly safe places where no one is going to fix you but rather accept you right where you are.  So if you want to experience love for who you really are and you enjoy looking into the mysteries of God's destiny for your life what are you waiting for?

GUYS: Sunday's from 12:30-2:30 in the Student Ministries office

GIRLS: Sunday's from 12:30-2:30 in the Student Ministries office