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Chris Dyer

Chris Dyer

Mens Ministry & Ninos de la Luzoffice: ext. 404

My family and I have been blessed by the people at this church, and have been a part of the body here since 2003. Each one of us has been involved in different aspects of church life, from the children's and youth ministry to leadership.

I see my role in leadership as one that requires a commitment, but more it requires a passion, an excitement from within at being on the front lines for Jesus Christ. While I am serving within our church, and representing our church while serving in our community and afar, I do so with the joy that comes from sharing Christ’s love.

For those of you that don’t know what I do with my time outside of work and raising kids, here are some examples of where I am involved: lead a small group mid-week bible study; lead weekly one-on-one meetings to support and encourage those God puts in my path; help out during Sunday services; volunteer for construction projects in the community, at Casa de Esperanza in Tijuana monthly, and with Ninos de la Luz internationally; and lead a camping trip once a year for the kids at Casa de Esperanza.

I love God and prayerfully seek His will for my life every day. Am I all the things that it takes to be a good shepherd, a church elder, a spiritual leader? ... no. Am I doing all the things that sum up leadership at CBC? ... no. But I do feel called to do these things in His name and for His glory.