Our Staff

How I got here 

I volunteered for the Facility Department on Easter 2003 and was called upon to volunteer for every event after that. I was volunteering so much that Skip Combs, who was Facility Director at that time, asked if I would come to work for the church. It just so happened that I needed a job at the time! Is God good or what? So knowing it was from the Lord, how could I say no. That was in 2007.

What I do here

As Facilities Director, my department is responsible for maintenance, security and cleanliness of the church. My team works very hard at these important tasks. They work at a low profile to not interfere with the staff's comings and goings. The best part about this job is to hear all the wonderful things from people in the church about how nice it is, the cleanliness of it, and that they feel safe.

Why I do what I do

Being the Facility Director is my job, but more importantly is my involvement in the Men's Ministry. This is my first love. I really feel that the Lord put me in "the job" because he had other plans for me here at Capo Beach Church, like all but having to drag me kicking and scratching at the ground the first time to the men's retreat, and then at the end of the retreat wanting it to last longer, or hearing the Word more, or being prayed for or praying for someone else. That's what it's all about. "The job" feeds my body; Men's Ministry feeds my soul.